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Today I'm joined by a stellar individual, Martin Rooney. Now, Martin's got a rich, deep reservoir of experience here and like me, he's on a mission to make better coaches and we both know that we're not perfect. Martin is a former US bobsledder, he's a former Division I track athlete and he's the creator of a training system called Training For Warriors. Martin has consulted with a lot of different companies, ranging from Fortune 500 to other companies like Nike and Prudential. He's coached members of the Giants, the Jets, and now he's working in high schools as well. He's a guy that is on this show because like the rest of us, he is a regular Joe that is trying to improve.

That's what we could use your help with and we think you're going to love today's episode. Martin always brings it, he's a fired up guy. His book, Coach To Coach, comes out March 10th. Give us your feedback. We want to hear from you. Enjoy this episode!

Reach out to Martin and don't forget to check out his book coming out March 10th:

Via website: https://www.trainingforwarriors.com/

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