Behind-the-Scenes with My Wife, Amy (Episode #400!)


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If you’ve been wanting to get to know me a little better behind the scenes, now is the time!

Today we’re celebrating our 400th episode by having my wife, Amy on the show. Between The Art of Online Business Podcast and my original podcast, Inside Social Media, I have recorded over 452 episodes. Pretty crazy! We wanted to do something a little different to celebrate episode 400, so today I will be answering questions that we gathered from you on Instagram as well as a few from my wife and team. This is the first episode Amy and I have ever done together and I will admit, I was nervous. We talk about a lot of things I have never talked about on the podcast before- my struggles with anxiety and depression and how it’s affected my business. I talk about one of the deepest points in my life and it’s a story I have never shared publicly before.

On today’s episode, you will get a peek into what a “typical” day looks like in the Mulready household. We talk about our relationship and how we have navigated sharing an at-home workspace, how we separate our work from our personal life, and how becoming new parents affected all of that.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • The story of how I met my wife and what our first impressions of each other were
  • Some of our favorite memories and places to travel together
  • How we try to create work-life balance
  • What a typical day/week looks like for me
  • The hardest thing about switching from a corporate job into entrepreneurship
  • How long it took for me to feel like I’d “made it”
  • How struggles with anxiety and depression have affected both of us
  • The one thing I would change in my business journey if I could go back in time
  • The single most impactful mindset shift that I made in the way I relate to success in business
  • How to be a new dad and run a business

Be sure to tune in to today’s special episode!

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