Best Of: How to Create Your Ideal Facebook Ads Business with Amanda Bond


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Are you managing FB ads for other businesses or thinking about starting a business to do this? If so, you are going to love my interview with Amanda Bonds.

This episode came out a while ago, but it was so popular that I am bringing it back for our "best of" episode.

Amanda shares the story of how she started her agency and shifted her pricing mindset. She went from being terrified to price her services to only working with ideal clients and charging them for it!

Amanda has spent nearly five years developing, testing, and optimizing proven systems for generating sustainable revenue from Facebook ads. Today, we'll hear the story of how she started her business terrified of pricing her services to now getting non-stop referrals and only working with her ideal clients who realize the real value of what she provides.

Amanda also reveals how to avoid being the bottleneck of your own success in your business, the lessons she learned from not following her gut, and how she determines if a client should be working with her or not.

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On Today’s Show You’ll Learn About:

  • Starting small when jumping from being a freelancer to building an agency
  • The value of knowing and trusting your vision
  • Realizing you have impostor syndrome
  • Amanda's Rotarian background that started it all
  • Being terrified to put pricing on your services
  • Rewarding your loyal clients while increasing your rates
  • Being clear about your values
  • Choosing clients and hiring people that align with your values
  • The trap of hiring a VA without establishing processes first
  • How to grow and nurture a virtual team of leaders to support your business
  • What's working with Facebook now and what's coming ahead

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