282: How to Create Bonuses that Make People Say YES to Your Offer


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We’re going to get super tactical today, as I’ll be walking you through the formula for creating bonuses for your programs! This is the exact process that I use to come up with bonuses for all of my programs, and I’ve had great success for many years implementing it.

I’ll be sharing examples that will help guide you through each step of the way, including a real-time example of what I’m doing right now for the bonuses I’ve put together as an affiliate for Brandon Lucero’s Video 4x Effect program.

One of the bonuses that I’m so excited about is a two-day live event here in San Diego with some of the biggest names in the online business space that I’m offering for free to anyone who enrolls in Brandon’s program through me, and I talk about the thought process I used for it in this episode.

So are you ready to create bonuses for you offers that will get people to buy? Here we go!

As you’ve been hearing about on this podcast recently, Brandon Lucero’s 6-part video series is now live! It’s called The Content Revolution, and it’s not only helpful, and informative, but it’s actionable! To register for free, go to https://rickmulready.com/4x.

On the Show Today You’ll Learn:
  • How I use bonuses to overcome the most common objections we get as online entrepreneurs from our potential customers
  • Why it’s so important for you (or your team) to be tracking feedback from your target audience
  • What I mean by “prepping somebody for your offer” – and how to do it the right way
  • The different types of bonuses you can offer, and the reasons why whatever you decide on absolutely must be relevant to your paid offer
  • The number of bonuses I recommend you use, plus what can happen when you offer too many of them
  • How you can repurpose previous content to make the process of creating bonuses easier, and so much more!

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