COVID Crashed His Business, Now He’s Thriving w/ Kwadwo from Elementary Chinese


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Has your business peaked? Have you been wondering how you can break through your current numbers and take them higher?

In this episode, Kwadwo is walking us through how he broke down the barriers that he had unknowingly set up for himself when he started out, and how he scaled his business to sizes that once seemed impossible.

Kwdawo [QUĀ] helps Mandarin-learners who are struggling to improve their Chinese by showing them how to clearly choose and easily achieve their language goals so they can build momentum and communicate with confidence.

Tune in to learn how Kwadwo went from an unsustainable business model and some pretty intense burnout, to a business strong enough to survive being brought to a screeching halt after the coronavirus outbreak.

If you’ve noticed that your numbers have started to level out instead of continuing to grow, Kwadwo might have a thing or two to teach you.

On Today’s Show You’ll Learn:

  • How he set up an entire business through DMs and targeted ads
  • The process of learning how to use YouTube effectively
  • How he reached 11,000 YouTube subscribers and 26,000 Instagram followers
  • The value of recognizing when it’s time to switch niches
  • Why you need to understand your ideal avatar and their pain points
  • How to overcome burnout
  • How the accelerator program propelled his business
  • How to confront and overcome your doubts
  • Why you should outsource if you can
  • How to persist and adapt to massive change

Kwadwo’s story is both humbling and inspiring. I’m amazed by his resilience and determination to succeed. And succeed he has! Which just goes to show that persistence does pay off.

It’s been a privilege to work with Kwadwo in the accelerator and see how it’s changed his life. The program has been completely revamped and up-leveled since Kwadwo was a part of it, so if you want to see how it can change YOUR life, head to to learn more.

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