How to Predict Your Business' Future With a Scorecard


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Do you use a scorecard in your business?I hope that you do! As the CEO of your business, it is crucial that you are able to identify the vital signs of your business and create a system for tracking and measuring those metrics. A scorecard can help you do that.In this episode, I am breaking down what goes into creating a scorecard and the importance of having one in your business for those of you that don’t already use one.If you do use one already, this episode will help you refine that process.This is something that you can get creative with as long as you understand what you need to be tracking and how to identify the result.For more information and direction on using a scorecard in your business, tune in to this episode!If you're feeling overwhelmed in your business and you want help with something like this, I highly recommend that you apply for our Accelerator Coaching program. This is for those of you who are online course creators or online business coaches and are already generating at least $7-8k per month. You can apply at Full show notes are available for privacy information.

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