17: Extremism and Victimhood Fantasies. THE 'ART OF THINKING' Greg Scorzo with Quassim Cassam.


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In this Art of Thinking podcast, Greg Scorzo talks to philosopher Quassim Cassam about his book, “Extremism: A Philosophical Analysis”, available from amazon. Specifically, Scorzo and Cassam will be talking about the mindset of extremists, whether extremist beliefs are delusional, victimhood fantasies, the distinction between extremism and radicalism, whether extremism is time-relative, the Overton window, whether extremism can become mainstream politics, whether the contemporary left or right is more extreme, whether mainstream ideology is what wins elections or kicks you out of polite society, whether polite society marginalising certain views is evidence that polite society is extremist, whether racist views should be allowed to be expressed in polite society, and whether psychologically violent activism is extremist.
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