The Astrologer and The Alchemist June 10, 2020


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The eclipses are here! The eclipses are here! Next up is Solar eclipse on the world point 0 Cancer on June 21. Between now and then, lots of things will leave our life on the waning moon energy. Mars meets up with Neptune asking for and initiating a New Dream! Eris meets up for her second square to Pluto. The first was the impeachment trial and Kobe Bryant's helicopter crash. We will discuss the current events and trends happening on Earth that are taking their cues from the cosmic energies above as we all dance upon the stage of life. Join Astrologer, Anne Ortelee and Soul Alchemist, JeMaja Selas, as they explore what's going on above and Planet Earth and how it shows up in our personal and professional lives. We welcome questions and comments: DM us via Instagram @TheAstrologerandTheAlchemist. We sometimes broadcast using Instagram Live.

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