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The Audio Bible it’s not only about faith. It’s about art and ecumenism. We do not exclude anyone. In our production, we do not ask anyone about their beliefs, worldview, or political preferences. We believe in humanism. That we simply should be good people. For themselves and for others. A new dimension of sound design. All Bible-based audio dramas created so far use stereo sound, the kind you hear while listening to your favorite music. We created an experience that is one step further. Using binaural microphones and software, we built a spectacular 3D sound space that you can capture with an ordinary set of headphones. Join us on a journey to Biblical times. Submerge in the hum of Jerusalem, the waves of the Deluge, and hear the Ascension of Christ-like nobody has ever before. After the tremendous success of the polish version of The Audio Bible, we are more than ready to make it available to English speakers. We are thrilled to work with leading Hollywood actors to create a legendary experience. We obtained copyrights to the Holy Bible from The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. The project is supported by the Pontifical Council for Culture under H.E. Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, who kindly gave us a letter of recommendation. We're based on NABRE. We need your support. Visit us at

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