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The Awkward Mom Stage was created as an open journal of my journey through life and motherhood and then I decided to turn it into an open discussion where my listeners can go on life's journey with me. Why go through life alone when you can do it with friends right, lol? I’m on a journey to find myself, learning to manifest the life and love I want, be a better wife and mother, and I'm learning how to take time out for self care. Join me every Wednesday where I get into topics of sex, love, motherhood, life and more. I discuss current topics, interview women killing it in their fields, and much more. I'd say my life has had it’s fair share of awkward moments, and I can’t be the only one right, lol? I think every stage of motherhood is awkward, from making friends as an adult, meeting new mom friends that won't judge your parenting/life, finding love after heartbreak, reigniting the lost spark in a marriage, finding your way back after losing yourself, body positivity woes, and more. Come join this awkward journey with me every week! Every stage of motherhood and life is awkward. So whether you have 1 kid or 6, you’re a dog mom, or you feel like your partner’s mom things can get messy. Am I right?! I am for sure an awkward mom, navigating all the growing pains that come along with mom life with the occasional F-Bomb in tow, lol. Feel stuck in an identity crisis? Feel like your life lacks direction? Goals feel distant? Well me too so you’re not alone, lol. Tune in every Wednesday as I go through this crazy coaster called life with you. *This podcast celebrates motherhood in all forms, for exactly what it is; AWKWARD! Welcome to the Awkward Mom Stage!*Always Remember You’re Beautiful!-Lola

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