Kardashian-West Divorce, Nanna's Greening Out and Print Media Murdered?


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From the Karens to the Ziggy Alberts - who has Corona made viral this week? How exactly did a German media company destroy the print industry in Australia?! Is the Logies safe? Is Trump becoming an influencer AMID a Global Pandemic, WW3 and the possible ban of TikTok? TV had a week of FINALES - we look at the winners from big brother, The Voice and Masterchef! The Babble with Matty J producer Nova Ruby podcast - Published every Thursday and Monday. Make sure to follow us on socials: Instagram - @thebabblepodcast Website - www.thebabblepodcast.com.au If you like what you hear, hit that ’Subscribe’ button on Apple Podcasts or ‘Follow’ on Spotify. If you LOVE what you hear make sure to give us a 5 Star review! We’ll love you forever if you do. Matty J & Producer Ruby x @matthewdavidjohnson @rubyteys
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