QUIZ: Seinfeld, Survivor and Robert Irwin!


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Beautiful Babblers, Here is this weeks POP QUIZ (that seems to becoming more consistent) It' a toughy...Let us know how you go! MATTY J's QUESTIONS: 1. NRL started last week - who won between the Parramatta Eels and my beloved Brisbane Broncos? 2. Netflix have a new doco about Jeffrey Epstein: Filthy Rich. How does he die? 3. How many seasons of Seinfeld were there? 4. What new streaming service launched last week? 5. Big wave surfer Ross Clarke-Jones appeared on Celebrity Survivor because he broke what on the show? 6. Which Kardashian got the boot from the Forbes Billionaire list last week? 7. Channel 10 announced it was axing which game show last week? 8. Bob Irwin was rushed to hospital over the weekend. What happened? 9. What bit of technology is helping the Bachelor production recommence? 10. Tim Robards was Australia’s first Bachelor, name one other reality tv show he’s been on since then? 11. The Space X / NASA launch was postponed last week because of what reason? 12. What Australian reality TV show got picked up by HBO Max in America? ANSWERS: Parramatta Eels, murder, 9, Binge, ankle, Kylie Jenner, celebrity name game, fell off his dirt bike, zoom, dancing with the stars, the weather, bachelor season The Babble with Matty J & Producer Ruby a Nova podcast - Published every Thursday and Monday. Make sure to follow us on socials: Instagram - @thebabblepodcast Website - www.thebabblepodcast.com.au If you like what you hear, hit that ’Subscribe’ button on Apple Podcasts or ‘Follow’ on Spotify. If you LOVE what you hear make sure to give us a 5 Star review! We’ll love you forever if you do. Matty J & Producer Ruby x @matthewdavidjohnson @rubyteys
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