130. How to Create a Trauma Sensitive Classroom with Kimberly Mackey


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Trauma can negatively affect a student’s ability to learn and there might be more students in your classroom that have experienced trauma than you think.

Creating a trauma sensitive classroom supports all learners and equips students with skills that will support them in coping with difficult experiences that they might face in their future. In this episode, we’ve invited Kimberly Mackey to teach us about trauma and give us concrete strategies that we can implement in elementary to high school classrooms.

Kimberly is a School Social Worker and is certified as a Trauma Practitioner with Starr Commonwealth. She is well-known as an advocate for the role of school social work in supporting staff and students, and for building trauma-sensitive schools.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • What is trauma and why is it important for teachers to understand it?
  • Why teachers support all learners when they teach in a trauma sensitive way.
  • What are concrete ways we can create a trauma sensitive classroom at both the elementary and high school levels?
  • Good resources on trauma for teachers who want to learn more.
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