99. Mindfulness and Growth Mindset with Teacher Jenelle Gagné


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Are you thinking about starting a mindfulness practice in your classroom but you’re not sure how to fit it into your day? We’ve invited Jenelle Gagné, grade 4/5 teacher and mom of 2 onto the show to talk about how she teaches mindfulness using Educalme Classroom, what the routine looks like and how she finds the time to integrate social-emotional learning by linking Educalme Classroom lessons to her language and health units. She also shares a great activity that she created to go with the Educalme Classroom Growth Mindset units.

In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How to get your students ready to learn with a daily Educalme Classroom practice.
  • How to use the Educalme Classroom audios and printables.
  • How to create a strong sense of community and connection in your classroom.
  • How to teach growth mindset.
  • How Educalme Classroom supports both student and teacher productivity, giving you more time in the classroom for teaching and learning and more time at home with your family.
  • How an Educalme Classroom practice supports your wellbeing in the classroom and in your personal life.
  • The ripple effect Educalme Classroom has in students’ lives, how they share it with their families.
  • How to get over the initial worries you might have when starting Educalme Classroom.

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