Bonus Episode: Building a Resilient Couple Relationship


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Happy Valentine's Day!

So... I kinda don't love Valentine's Day... There, I said it! And I don't think I'm alone in that, right? One of the reasons is that I really don't like the idea that ONE DAY is enough to measure the success of a relationship, or enough to nurture a relationship. If we are partnered with a person, we need regular check ins and nourishment for that relationship, not just one day! So, with that said, here is an episode for how to consistently show up for your relationship (not your partner, but the relationship you have with them), in a way that is sustainable and supports the building of a resilient relationship that can weather any storm.

With this bonus episode, I want to give you Five Tips To Build a Resilient Relationship with your partner that you can put into place today! Now, these tips will also be helpful not just to your relationship with your husband or wife, but these tips will help nourish ANY close relationship you have (so don't miss out on this episode!)
And if you want to bring more connection, ease, and joy into your relationship, try out my relationship building game! It's fun, simple and can help you reconnect and feel more loved, (and it doesn't cost a thing!).
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