029: The "No Rules" Approach to Parenting with Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi


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Growing up you were likely told by your parents what to do, how to do things, how to behave, etc. And because of how you were brought up, you bring with you these learned values in parenting your children. And even though you are working toward embracing more relationship-focused, respectful approaches, you likely still have the tendency to control your kids' lives (I know I do!)...

​But what if you grew up in a house with no rules?
In this new podcast episode, I am joined by Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi who is an author of the No-Influence Leadership Theory. He believes that letting go of control, stepping back, and giving your kids the freedom to experiment on what they like to do and what they're capable of, will make them more confident and more responsible.
Connect with Dr. Jacob Kashiwagi on LinkedIn to know more about his work and check out his books HERE. You can download a free preview copy of his book “Understanding Teenagers and Encouraging Their Success” and other books of your choice.
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