030: Balancing the Emotional Needs of Children in Different Ages and Stages


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If you're parenting children of different ages, I could imagine how difficult it must have been for you to balance each of their needs. Each age brings its own challenges, so how do we support everyone in a way that is developmentally appropriate for each individual kid?

​How do you balance your children's emotional needs at various stages of life? How do you help each of your children with their big feelings, without leaving anyone feeling left out or left behind?

​In this week's podcast episode, I am doing something new and I am really excited to welcome two wonderful beautiful conscious parents Nikki and Brian on to the podcast for a live coaching session. I teach them strategies for helping kids with their feelings at ANY age, and I know this will be so helpful for them!
You can also help them build their self-regulation through fun games they will love. DOWNLOAD THE GAME HERE.

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