031: How Releasing Control Can Help Fully Step Into Your Power as a Parent with Hannah & Kelty of Upbringing


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As we evaluate our parenting, we realize that what we do is reminiscent of how our parents raised us. And this traditional way of raising our kids, lead us to control, yell, isolate, and punish our kids when they resist or when they feel big emotions. If we continue this path, our kids will eventually pick up what we teach them and bring this with them into adulthood.
In this episode, we are going to further learn how releasing control can help you fully step into your power as parents and how this can help our children grow more fully into the amazing human beings they already are.
Join me as I sit down with two wonderful women of the Upbringing, Hannah and Kelty. They are twins, moms raising their kids and themselves together, and certified coaches of parents for sanity and social change movement. Their general goal is for parents to grow along with their children specifically elevating their discipline practices one conversation at a time. And that's exactly what we do in this conversation!
If you want to know more, download Hannah and Kelty's resources through their website www.Upbringing.co
Check them out as on Instagram, Youtube, and Pinterest!
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