032: How to Have Safe, Healthy, & Intentional Holidays w/ Dear Pandemic


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As you pack away your Halloween decorations and begin looking toward the start of the holiday season if you're anything like me you're already feeling the worry and overwhelm starting to bubble up. The holiday season during ANY year can be stressful for families, especially moms who carry so much of that load.

But this year is a whole other story.

This year we have a pandemic to worry about...

In this episode, I am honored to have two of the "nerdy girls" behind Dear Pandemic join me in discussing how to be intentional and SAFE while we celebrate this holiday season. Dear Pandemic's mission is to educate and empower individuals to successfully navigate the COVID -19 overwhelm. They provide credibly, curated, and timely information about the pandemic. I was so excited to sit down with them (over zoom!) to discuss how to have a safe AND wonderful holiday season

​Keep yourself updated with COVID-19 and visit their website dearpandemic.org. Tune in to their Dear Pandemic Podcast as well and follow them on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
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