033: How to Help Your Partner When They are Triggered


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Tell me if this has happened to you:

You're with your family and the kids start squabbling or acting out and you can see your partner's blood start to boil. You can tell they are getting triggered and that their thoughts are going down a path that will lead them to start parenting outside of your goals and values...

Have you been there?

Me too! And it can be so hard to know what to do in the moment when you aren't the one who is triggered! On the one hand, you feel pulled to step in, to help out and take over from your partner... But on the other hand, you don't want to undermine them in front of the kids, right?
In this episode, I will be pulling back the curtain a bit and sharing with you (with my husband's permission!) an experience where he was triggered over some jealousy between our kids over a piece of cake and how we handled it respectfully, AS A TEAM, without anyone feeling undermined.
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