035: Helping Children Get the Sleep They Need During Stressful Times with Paula Morales


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Tell me, does this sound familiar?

​You are getting your little one ready for bed but suddenly they burst into tears or explode into a tantrum. You are already tired from a long day and really just need bedtime to happen so that you can finally get a chance to relax, to turn off. But no matter what you do to try soothing your child and get them to sleep, it just won't work and you feel stuck. They are resisting sleep and you are resisting their resistance, yes?

I know from experience how hard this can be, which is why I called in my dear friend and colleague Paula Morales who is a sleep expert and a fellow conscious parenting nerd. She is an early childhood educator turned mom and sleep coach. She will be guiding us in understanding that it is not our job to force our children to sleep, but rather it is our job to provide the environment that allows sleep to happen.

If you need more support with sleep, I highly recommend consulting with Paula! She has amazing, affordable options and offers tons of free support on her Instagram page. Check Paula's website www.newparadigmmotherhood.com and follow her on Facebook and Instagram.
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