036: Trusting Children, Digging Under Behavior, & Getting the Pause with Mr. Chazz


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You know that moment where you realize you haven't heard your kids for a few minutes; where your house is suddenly suspiciously quiet?? And then you go and look for them and find them happily engaged in... redecorating your walls with markers, squeezing all the toothpaste out on the counter, climbing a bookcase (😱) or, (as happened once in my house) spreading shea butter all over themselves and the floor of their room.

Yup. It happens here too!
And in those moments it can be pretty hard to stay calm and not get lost in the flood of thoughts we have about our kids and ourselves, right? That's why it's critical that we as parents learn to pause, TRUST our kids that they aren't bad or naughty and seek to understand what's going on for our kids in those moments, that they have developmental drives and needs, and figure out how to help them meet those needs in ways that are also within our boundaries.

So, how can you learn to trust your children?
In this episode, I invited my dear colleague the super fun Mr. Chazz, Mr. Chazz to help us in digging under our children's behavior and learning to understand and trust them. He is a teacher, a mentor, and a motivational speaker.
If you wish to learn more from Mr. Chazz he is offering 1-on-1 coaching at $20/month. Wow! You can find that on www.patreon.com/misterchazz
Follow Mr. Chazz on Instagram and Facebook as well. And check out his podcast (I'll be a guest soon!) "Mr. Chazz's Leadership and Parenting Podcast".
Find show notes for this episode here: www.laurafroyen.com/podcast

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