037: How to Handle Bedwetting, Accidents, & Potty Learning with Dr. Steve Hodges


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I have been receiving a lot of questions from parents lately telling me that no matter what they do, they just can’t get their child to stop wetting their bed and/or having accidents, and the pandemic seems to only have made things worse. Have you been there too?

Well, I just got the answers for you... are you ready for what we are affectionately calling "The Poop Episode"?? (I swear, I haven't talked this much about poop since my kids were newborns and poop was an integral part of the daily conversation...)

And so, for this episode, I am so thrilled to have Dr. Hodges who is an associate professor of pediatric urology at Wake Forest University School of Medicine. According to Dr. Steve Hodges, bedwetting is not caused by deep sleep, hormonal imbalance, or underdeveloped bladder. The underlying cause is constipation of all things!
You can contact Dr. Steve Hodges for your bedwetting and potty training concerns through their website www.bedwettingandaccidents.com. There are so many resources for you to use. One of which is the M.O.P Anthology Books to learn the methods that actually work to stop bedwetting and how to potty train.

You can also check them out on Facebook.
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