038: Live Coaching: Healing Old Wounds for Healthier Relationships in the Present


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In my Balancing U Membership Community Facebook Group, members are able to join me on the podcast for free Live Coaching. And so, for this week’s podcast, we will be having a live coaching call with one of the members. This member, who is a beautiful mom, bravely took this opportunity to take action towards bettering herself and her parenting for her good and for her family.

​There’s going to be a lot of inner child and attachment theory sprinkled throughout this episode but I think it’s going to be really helpful to you, especially if the holidays leave you feeling a bit tender or confused about your triggers & family of origin relationships. If there are old narratives, old stories, and default ways of responding that you’re having a hard time letting go of, then join me as I guide this mom in healing herself.
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