039: Deepening Learning & Connection with The Reggio Approach with Toni Herbert


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Early child developmental theorists used to believe that children are blank slates and it is our job as parents to "fill them in". Luckily the field has moved on from this and modern research has demonstrated repeatedly how untrue this really is. Children are curious beings who love to explore and discover new things. And thus, they are capable of initiating & directing their own learning process. And we can play an active role in this process by giving them the right activities and materials to activate their curiosity...
In this episode, we are going to learn about one model of early childhood education, Reggio Emilia, where children are viewed as individuals who have the potential to learn on their own. I'm bringing in Toni Herbert, who is a Reggio-inspired Early Years Specialist, to guide us in learning to apply the Reggio approach to our everyday interactions with our kids.
You can learn more about this learning approach through www.thereggioparent.com. Follow Toni on her social media as well. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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