040: Supporting Independent Play with Lizzie of the Workspace for Children


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Happy New Year!

​The year 2020 gave us a lot of worries and fear but I hope you were able to welcome 2021 with positivity. And I wish that you and your family will have the peace and healing that you need from all that you have experienced in the past year.
As we welcome the new year, I want to help YOU become more balanced, centered, and deeply connected to those you love. And when it comes to kids, the way to their hearts is through play, which is why we will be focusing on PLAY for the month of January.

​We start off our month of conversations dedicated to play by exploring how we can bring more independent play into our homes. I'm so excited to have one of the leading experts on play to join me for this conversation: Lizzie of the Workspace for Children is a mom of three creative kids (ages 6, 9, and 11). She has a Masters degree in Education and supports parents all over the world through her blog and Instagram account in the areas of play, art, & conscious parenting
If you want to learn more, follow Lizzie on her Instagram and www.workspaceforchildren.com where you will find creative resources for supporting your child's play.
Join me with my 30-Day Play Challenge as well (if you haven't already, we started January 2nd but you can still catch up!).


​Join my Balanced Parenting Facebook Community and follow me on Instagram. The challenge takes place in there so don't miss out!
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