042: Preparing the Environment for Independent Play with Haley of Sweet Home Montessori


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We are now getting ready to enter the home stretch of the 30-day play challenge!

If you joined, I hope you are getting a lot of it. For the past few weeks, we have been slowing things down, observing our own reactions to play, and reflecting on how we feel about it. Now, we are getting ready to move into the ACTION phase! And even if you haven't been following along in the 30 Days of Play Challenge, I know this episode will be packed with helpful mindset shifts and actionable tips to get deeper, more immersive independent play from your children

​And so, I am happy to have my new friend join me for today's podcast. Haley from Sweet Home Montessori is a beautiful mom of a 2-year-old with a degree in Early Care Education and a certificate in Early Childhood Development. She has also a Diploma in Montessori Early Childhood (3-6 years) working on helping families get the tools and guidance for their child's development.

Haley will give us tips on how to prepare the environment for independent play.
Follow her on Instagram and visit her website www.sweethomemontessori.com to get more tools and resources. It's also a place to find workshops and consultations on Positive Discipline and Respectful Parenting.
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