043: Make Play Your Parenting Superpower!


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As we enter the last stretch of our month-long focus on play, I wanted to leave you with some super practical, easy to put into action tips for how to take your play with your child to the next level.

We just had a tough year because of the pandemic and this is still a stressful time. We've been dealing with a lot of changes and kids CAN have a tough time processing these things too. And if you are noticing changes in their play, I want you to know that you don't have to worry.

Play is children's language. It's their natural way that they communicate. It's the way that they process and it's the way that they learn best.

These behaviors that you're noticing are their means to communicate and cope with the stresses. And so in this episode, we will be talking about play and how it is important for your kids and their healing process.
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