044: Cultivating Curiosity and Wonder with Margie Tours


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This weekend my daughters had the chance to sit down with an actual Astrophysicist and ask her their big questions about the universe. Guess what most of the answers to the burning questions my daughters had (like what was there before the "big bang"? and how could there be NOTHING??") were: We don't know, and we will likely never know.

Talk about an invitation to get comfortable in a place of "not knowing" right??

And with the current state of the world, with so many of us serving not just as parents but also teachers, I wanted to support you in that! So, I brought in my friend and fellow "Wonder Enthusiast" (yes, that's a thing, I promise!) Margie Tours who is a Biologist, a Mom, and an Educator. She's passionate about making science simple and cultivating curiosity and enjoy a sense of wonder of the world around us without always getting the "right" answer.
To learn more, join her Facebook Group: Simple everyday science for parents of curious kids where you can find tools and tips on how to make science simple and fun (and discover basic science concepts through curiosity!)
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