045: How to Foster A Secure Attachment with Paula Sacks


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This week we are going to geek out on Attachment Theory! Attachment is an emotional bond that forms in early childhood and if this is not met, our child develops attachment disturbances growing up. These disturbances make it difficult for them to have secure relationships. May it be in school with their peers, their families, and in their work as adults. (We will also spend a bit of time discussing how Attachment Theory and Attachment Parenting are different- they aren't related AT ALL!)

I know for many of us that one of our deepest wishes for our children is that we form a lasting, healthy connection, a secure attachment with them. That is why I'm bringing in my new friend and colleague, Paula Sacks. She's a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Attachment Specialist. She's also the author of a beautiful book called "Love Rays". With her expertise, we are going to dig deep into how to foster a healthy attachment, while also giving ourselves permission to be wonderfully imperfect!
We are also doing our first ever BOOK GIVEAWAY for this episode. So, one lucky listener will get a chance to win BOTH of Paula's books! See my IG for information!

For more resources, you can visit her websites www.paulasacks.com and www.paulasackslicsw.com. To learn more about attachment and get the help you need, you can find courses here TheAttachmentProject.com

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