048: How to Get Kids to Help with Chores


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Are you having trouble getting your kids to clean up their toys?

Or are you frustrated because they resist to help you with house chores?

​Well, I get asked about this A LOT from my community. As a parent, we want to teach our children to be responsible. We want them to take care of their belongings, their home, and their family. But the bigger question is, how can we get them to do this because they WANT to, because they value being a part of the family and contributing the home? That's the big, long-term goal, right? But sometimes, in our effort to just "get $h!t done" we use methods, like rewards & punishments that actually UNDERMINE those long term goals and lead to resistance and resentment. So then, what do we do??

​In this episode, I want to give you the tips you need to get your kids to help with house chores (without rewards or punishment). Just so you know, in our home, we don't use rewards system or punishment to make our children do some tasks. So, how did I do it? Be sure to listen to the podcast for more details and check my IG post!
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