Episode 431: Kevin Danna & Overtime Tom Talk Next Gen Name...Next Gen Game


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This week's episode put the spotlight on the next-gen high school ballers Jalen Green, Daishen Nix, and Isaiah Todd and their decision to sign on and play in the G-League Development Program. We have two excellent guests to help elevate the conversation:
Breakdown (4:48): Kevin Danna, longtime friend, and voice of the G-League Santa Cruz Warriors joined us to discuss his one on one conversation with high school phenom Jalen Green and his IG Interview. He also drops some serious name recognition on possible coaching candidates whom the G-League is entertaining the "G3" expected to headline the Program once the pandemic is over. (34mins)
The Drop (38:04): Tom "Overtime Tom" Weingarten, Head of Social Media, for Overtime.TV talks about how it's building an army of the next generation athletes and how they "get it" when it comes to using their athletic prowess to build up their name and brand. His interactions with Daishen, Isaiah, and Jalen makes him the perfect person to discuss the potential opportunities that can await for them taking this step in the G-League Development Program. More importantly, he provides introspect on whether they are built for the next level and can handle the hype and scrutiny that will come with the decision they've made (21mins)
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