BPP 182: Martin Moore - Following Your Passion and Landing Your Dream Job


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Martin Moore is a commercial product photographer for KOSS Headphones from Milwaukee Wisconsin who after 20 years as a mechanic left his job to become a full-time staff photographer. Today we’re going to chat about leaving your job and following your passion.

In This Episode You'll Learn:

  • The unconventional start Martin got in photography

  • What it was about photography that got Martin so excited while working as a mechanic

  • Where Martin learned photography

  • How Martin booked and shot his first wedding

  • What about the technical side of photography is most challenging

  • How a commercial product photographer gets ready for a shoot

  • What its like working and shooting for a large company

  • How much gear Martin uses and his most used piece of equipment during a shoot

  • What Matin heard being taught as gospel to beginners but in practice is’’t as important

Premium Members Also Learn:

  • What you need to be valuable in today’s workforce as a photographer

  • The pros and cons of being a staff photographer vs a freelance photographer

  • How to get the attention of a company you want to work for

  • Why building a personal brand is so important even when working as an employee



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