Tina Sloan - Staying in the Game


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Tina spent 26 years on The Guiding Light, the famous soap opera on CBS, and was featured on 60 Minutes when the show closed after an historic 75 year run. Tina, then in her 60’s, reinvented herself as an author, playwright and speaker. Her first book Changing Shoes describes how she came to terms with growing older: literally changing shoes from gorgeous high heels to the proverbial black flats. Her one-woman play also titled Changing Shoes toured the US. Tina has performed in numerous movies including Black Swan, Changing Lanes, as Ben Affleck’s mother, The Post, several Woody Allen films as well as others with Al Pacino and Jody Foster. She has also appeared on TV shows including Law and Order SVU. Her new book, a romantic thriller, Chasing Cleopatra, is a true page turner and was just released. Tina lives in Florida with her husband of 45 years and in Maryland very near her son and grandchildren. She has run 8 marathons and climbed 20,000 foot peaks in Africa and Nepal.

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