The Working from Home Experience: A New World of Work


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In this episode Rushenka speaks with Steve Bennetts, Head of Growth & Strategy – Employee Experience at Qualtrics to share some advice and best practices on working remotely for employees.

Especially during these challenging times of COVID-19, Steve explained what organisations can do to ensure their employees are feeling supported and why the employee experience matters so much in these uncertain times.

Talking points in this episode:

2:40 - What does employee experience mean.

4:40 - What businesses can do to understand how their employees are feeling with working from home.

6:40 - What businesses can do to ensure success with their employee experiences post COVID-19.

8:05 - What employee experience leaders can do now to understand how their employees are feeling.

12:50 - How you can measure what employees are thinking with Remote Work-Pulse.

15:20 - Advice for employees who are facing challenges working from home.

17:00 - Final Thoughts.

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