BHP 077: Ryan Hall | Nutrition, Habits, and Consciousness


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Ryan Hall is not your typical Nutritionist and this is not your average “two dudes talking about nutrition” podcast.

The official bio reads like so: Ryan Hall, CNS holds a Master’s of Science in Clinical Human Nutrition and Integrative Health from Maryland University and he brings his life experience and expertise to Resilient Roots in Charlottesville, Virginia where he works alongside Dr. Robert Abbott.

Ryan helps his patients find creative solutions to implement evidence based nutritional therapy and lifestyle design, so that they may find healing and build the skills necessary for taking ownership and sustaining their wellness. His areas of expertise and focus are gut health, autoimmunity, complementary oncology, and chronic illness. Ryan is currently pursuing a Doctorate of Clinical Nutrition and will soon begin training in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology.

That’s where the requisite formalities end.

Ryan is bearded, pierced, inked, incredibly smart, versed in consciousness, and loves charging up and down mountains in human powered adventures! In other words, he’s our kind of human.

Our conversation fittingly weaves together several disciplines to provide you actionable tips for your eating habits, as well as insights into your habits and how to audit your behaviors.

We cover:

  • Ryan’s background and how he went from studying consciousness to becoming a Nutrition Specialist
  • How dysfunction in the physical body hinders our access to elevated states of consciousness
  • What we can learn from the Einstein of Consciousness
  • Why greens drinks aren’t as healthy as most people think
  • Ryan’s unique approach in the clinic
  • Actionable tips to support your immune system
  • A few things you may not know about your favorite foods
  • The best advice Ryan has ever received
  • And of course, Ryan Hall’s Top Tips to:
    • Be a Better Human
    • Do Better For Others

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