038: Counseling and Evangelism


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Dr. Mark Hager shares about his salvation through Biblical counseling sessions he took as an unbeliever. As Biblical counselors we sometimes assume that individual we are counseling is a believer. I mean why else would they seek out Biblical counseling? However, we must never assume that an individual that has come to you for help has a relationship with Christ. We need to ask probing questions and begin to develop a relationship with the individual. As trust is built, the door is open to share the Gospel. Biblical counselors do not have the power to save individuals, it is only through faith and trust in Christ when a person hears the Gospel. As you counsel others you will have opportunities to evangelize the lost, this will lay a foundation that can be built upon as you counsel with the Word.

In order to be able to counsel others, you must do some self examination. Have you been equipped with the knowledge of God's Word to share the Gospel effectively. There is an equipping that goes beyond the classroom. You must have a relationship with God, through the work of Christ. The Holy Spirit needs to be actively involved in your life and working through you. Man has no power to bring about salvation, it is through the blood of Christ that we can be made new. If you are not a new creation in Christ, how would you be able to properly counsel someone with the Word? As Dr. Hager shared it is important to have a foundation that is built on Christ to effectively counsel others that need Christ.

In this episode Pastor Jeff interviews Dr. Mark Hager as they have a conversation about counseling and evangelism. You will learn practical application to effectively counsel others in need. We must never forget that the Gospel is always the first place to start when counseling others.

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