51: Only God Can Heal A Worried Heart


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A study based on Jesus words in Mathew 6:25-33

#1 - Number one. The believer should not worry.

  • The Christian. The follower of Jesus Christ should not be filled with anxiety.
  • Now let me offer a word of clarification.
  • Jesus was not saying that a Christian should not think about or be concerned with the needs of this like food or clothing.
  • Jesus did not say, “Don’t think about food. Don’t concern yourself with clothing.”
  • No.
  • He said in verse 25, “Don’t worry about those things.”

Oh yes you need to concern yourself with them.

  • Oh yes you need to think about a roof over your head and clothes on your back and food in your stomach.
  • That is important.
  • And that is something that we all need to consider.

In fact the Bible has many admonitions about saving our money and investing wisely and working hard for a living.

  • So Jesus is not saying, “Don’t think about these things.”
  • What He is saying is don’t be obsessed with these things.
  • Don’t have anxiety about these things.
  • Why? Because worrying doesn’t make anything better it just makes it worse.

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