Coronavirus second wave - what the modelling say about slowing transmission


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As the world sees an upsurge in infections, this "second wave" feels different to the first - we have a much better understanding of the biology of the virus, in hospitals, guidelines for treatment have been rapidly developed... and the pipeline of research to improve that has been created. But a lot of questions remain - particularly about the dynamics of the spread of respiratory viruses. Which brings us onto this episode - in these weekly discussions, clinicians from across the healthservice and I will be joined by experts, so we can find out more about the issues that really matter to frontline staff. Joining us today are BMJ columnists, Matt Morgan, consultant in intensive care medicine in Cardiff and Helen Salisbury, GP in Oxfordshire. We also have The BMJ authors, Nisreen Alwan, consultant in public health, in Southampton and Karl Friston, neurologist and member of iSAGE For more of The BMJ’s covid-19 coverage.

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