Liss Amyah answers 5 Body Love questions


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Liss Amyah answers 5 Body Love questions

I started this year in a bit of funk. We’d lost a close family friend and I felt helpless about the fires. So when it was time to go back to work I didn’t feel very motivated.

Luckily the first thing I did this year was interview Liss Amyah for the podcast.

Preachers wife turned pleasure advocate, Liss was married at 19, had 6 babies by 31, and was divorced by 36.

In 2014, after baby number six was born, Liss started an online business teaching calligraphy and has seen thousands of students go through her courses.

These days, as well as all the arty things, Liss is all about speaking her truth and telling her story in ways that are sometimes terrifying, but also deeply healing. She rarely feels terribly brave, but most days at least a little brave-ish.

Liss believes that curiosity will take us places certainty never can, that pleasure is not a dirty word, and that it’s totally ok to not have it all figured out.

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