Emotional Self-Care: Episode 650


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Taking care of your emotional health, plus more with Joshua and Raquel Rogers on marriage, and what to do about lifestyle incompatibility. Featured musical artist: Aaron Shust Roundtable: Mind Your Emotions What do you do when your emotional health starts to plummet? Our guests, all licensed professional counselors, share their personal and expert experiences related to burnout, boundaries and emotional trauma. They uncover important warning signs, give steps for prioritizing emotional wholeness, and offer words of hope for those who feel stuck in a difficult season. Culture: Messy and Miraculous Marriage (Part 2) Joshua and Raquel Rogers are back this week with more lessons learned in marriage. They talk about some of the struggles they experienced early on, covering everything from honoring your in-laws to sexual struggles to navigating health crises and more. Inbox: Compatibility Qualms She tends toward a minimalistic and quiet lifestyle, but her new fiancé is a big spender and spontaneous. Because of this, she is starting to doubt their compatibility. Will this lead to large issues in their marriage? Joshua Rogers weighs in.

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