He Traded Being Gay for Knowing God: Episode 644


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Navigating career changes, plus Becket Cook’s radical conversion to Christianity, and do some Boundless articles on dating contradict each other? Featured musical artist: Liz Vice Roundtable: Making Career Changes Work for You Most of us will at some point choose (or have the choice made for us) to change our career. Adjusting to a new trajectory, work environment and co-workers can be exciting, but it’s not easy. How do we navigate the choppy waters of furloughs, layoffs and career about-faces in an ever-changing job market and economy? Our guests tell their stories of having career dreams come and go, surviving unemployment, transitioning between jobs, and learning to trust God with each step. Culture: Becket Cook’s Damascus Road (Part 1) Becket Cook was a gay man living among and working with Hollywood’s elite. He rarely thought about God until a cheerful young Christian at a Los Angeles coffee shop invited him to church — and against his better judgment, he went. One sermon from Romans, and Becket was radically saved and forever changed. His conversion story is emotional, dramatic, and something that as an atheist, he never would have asked for. Get ready to be convinced that God is still in the business of changing hearts, minds and lives whenever He chooses. Becket’s story of giving up everything for Christ, including his gay identity, will make you cheer. Inbox: Is Boundless Giving Conflicting Advice? She’s read some articles on the Boundless website about dating, and their advice on what’s appropriate vs. what’s not appropriate in a relationship seems to be contradictory. Should this be a concern? Lisa Anderson will provide some clarity on these articles’ advice.

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