Loving Your LGBT Friend: Episode 645


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How to fight right while dating, plus Becket Cook’s advice for loving our gay friends and family members, and is baptism a dating dealbreaker? Featured musical artist: Ellie Holcomb Roundtable: Conflict in Dating Every relationship will eventually have conflict. A disagreement, a misunderstanding — and before you know it, a friendly conversation has turned into an ugly spat. But what if conflict can actually be a good thing for you and your significant other? What if your relationship gets stronger after working through an argument? Our guests tell how they’ve pressed through conflict in dating relationships, what they learned from it, and how to recognize the difference between healthy and unhealthy conflict when it happens. Culture: Becket Cook’s Damascus Road (Part 2) Becket Cook was a gay man living among and working with Hollywood’s elite. He rarely thought about God until a cheerful young Christian at a Los Angeles coffee shop invited him to church — and against his better judgment, he went. One sermon from Romans, and Becket was radically saved and forever changed. In part 2 of our conversation, he shares the best ways to love, serve and have healthy dialogue with our LGBT friends and family members. As someone who used to identify as gay, his insight is both compassionate and clear. Inbox: Is Baptism Essential for Salvation? She loves her boyfriend, and they’re both serious about their faith. However, they disagree on whether baptism is necessary for salvation. Could this end their relationship? Counselor Geremy Keeton knows from experience how tricky this topic can be, and he’ll provide some wisdom on what to do.

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