The Entertainment Industry and Faith: Episode 651


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Being honest with yourself, plus actor Michael Jr. on living out his faith in the entertainment industry, and taking on your husband’s last name. Featured musical artist: Nathan Tasker Roundtable: Being Honest With Yourself What does it mean to be honest with yourself? Today’s guests talk about what honesty with yourself looks like, and how to maintain it, especially in relationships. Culture: Living Out Our Faith Today You may recognize him from War Room, or his latest movie, Selfie Dad; actor Michael Jr. is here to talk about living out his faith in the entertainment industry. Drawing from his experience as an actor and comedian, he shares about effectively engaging the culture without compromising our values or becoming obsessed with fame. Inbox: Taking His Last Name? What’s the deal with taking the husband’s last name in marriage? A listener is wondering whether there is a biblical standard on this issue or not, and how to approach that conversation with his future spouse when it comes up. Boundless contributor Joshua Rogers weighs in.

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