The Search for a Small Group: Episode 653


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What to look for in a small group, plus being a man of integrity, and sharing the gospel with your family. Featured musical artist: Kerrie Roberts Roundtable: Finding a Great Small Group With so many options, how do you go about choosing the right small group for you? And does finding the right fit really matter that much? Our guests discuss different types of small groups, as well as their experiences in finding and sticking with one (or more). They offer advice on things to look for and things to avoid, and talk about what small groups have meant to them personally. Culture: Get Real, Guys For many men, it’s tough to open up and be honest about their feelings, hopes and struggles. Pastor Johnny Hunt has counseled men for decades, and knows the importance of men having a safe space for accountability and growth. In this week’s conversation, he talks through the process of finding these relationships, and outlines qualities to look for in friends and mentors that will lead to integrity and maturity for everyone involved. Inbox: Sharing Your Faith With Your Family A listener is the only Christian in her family, including her extended family. She is looking for advice on how to effectively share her faith with those closest to her and make the most of the time she spends with them. Lisa Anderson weighs in.

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