You Had Me at “Hello”: Episode 641


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The mysteries of love at first sight, plus answers to common Christian clichés, and should you ever give up on finding a spouse? Roundtable: Love at First Sight Love at first sight — it’s in our movies, music and books. But is it real? Can you know someone is “the one” the moment you meet them? Our guests had varying experiences with initial attraction, gut feelings and spiritual promptings. They tell their stories of how they met their spouses, and give tips on things to look for when searching for a mate. Culture: Don’t Settle for Pat Answers (Part 1) Stamping a cliché on a complicated issue is dangerous for our thinking and our faith. While many people mean well when using Christian clichés like “just have faith” or “it’s just me and Jesus,” such pat answers are rarely helpful in everyday life. The truth is, it’s OK to ask questions about God, the Bible and the Christian life. Christian worldview expert Dr. Jeff Myers guides us through questions and answers for some of life’s stickiest issues. Inbox: Too Late for a Mate? He wants a God-honoring marriage, but his search for a spouse has come up short time and time again. People have set him up, he’s tried dating websites and he’s been on several dates. Is it time to give up on finding a godly woman? Counselor Glenn Lutjens gives some helpful advice.

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