You Need to Calm Down: Episode 642


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Bringing kindness to a divisive culture, plus more answers to common Christian clichés, and does looking at her mean he likes her? Featured musical artist: Jonathan Cain Roundtable: Unity in a Divisive Culture Whether it’s politics, race or religion, our culture is feeding the language of division. It’s in the news, social media and even casual conversations — so how should Christians respond? Should we pretend like division doesn’t exist? Draw lines in the sand? Fight fire with fire? Or can we actually have meaningful and respectful conversations with those who don’t share our views? Our guests tell how they’ve learned to communicate with others despite having strong and even controversial opinions on many subjects. Culture: Don’t Settle for Pat Answers (Part 2) Stamping a cliché on a complicated issue is dangerous for our thinking and our faith. While many people mean well when using Christian clichés like “just have faith” or “it’s just me and Jesus,” such pat answers are rarely helpful in everyday life. The truth is, it’s OK to ask questions about God, the Bible and the Christian life. Christian worldview expert Dr. Jeff Myers joins us again to guide us through questions and answers for some of life’s stickiest issues. Inbox: Does Eye Contact Equal Interest? She really likes a guy at her church, and there’s been a lot of eye-contact between them. Is he interested, or is she reading into things? What should she do? Lisa Anderson will give some helpful tips.

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