Tillie Hart - The Holdout of London Terrace


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London Terrace, an English-inspired apartment complex, is a jewel of apartment living in the neighborhood of Chelsea. In 1929, a set of historic townhouses -- also named London Terrace -- were demolished to construct this spectacular set of buildings.

That is, all townhouses but one -- the home of Mrs. Tillie Hart, a tenacious tenant who refused to leave.

In a real-life example of the movie Up, Hart's tale is a battle between urban development and an individual's right to their longtime home -- a genuine David vs. Goliath tale on the landscape of New York City real estate.

In her favor -- the support of the public and the regular attention of the New York Daily News. Will Hart prevail?

PLUS: A history of the Chelsea neighborhood and its "godfather" Clement Clarke Moore.

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