Antiracism in Black & White | James Lindsay with John Wood, Jr.


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James Lindsay is a leading critic of antiracism in the digital space. But he is a lightning rod for criticism and condemnation, with a style that many believe makes him a damaging influence on the public discourse. For others, he is a champion of truth telling and an independent intellectual voice that needs to be heard.

John Wood, Jr., national ambassador for Braver Angels and a public voice on matters of race and society, plumbs the depths of antiracism in its substance, cultural origins, and arguments in this far-reaching conversation on one of the most important intellectual movements of our time.

Lindsay is founder of the media website New Discourses (, and co-author of Cynical Theories (, a book on critical race and gender studies written in collaboration with Helen Pluckrose. Twitter: @braverangels, @ConceptualJames, @JohnRWoodJr

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