Cathie Wood: Secrets of the World’s Best Innovation Investor


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Forbes called her “the newest superstar investor,” and it’s not hard to see why.

Cathie Wood is radically disrupting the way money is allocated. Fighting the rise of passive – what she calls the “greatest misallocation of resources in history” – Wood’s funds are actively managed exchange-traded funds that give investors exposure to public companies in key areas of innovation.

In this conversation, NLW and Wood discuss:

  • Why she had conviction in Tesla before the market caught up
  • Why her fund offered the first bitcoin investment opportunities to Wall Street
  • Why it doesn’t hire traditional Wall Street analysts
  • Why it gives away all research for free
  • Why it shares the trades made in a completely open-source way
  • ARK’s recent Bitcoin Investment Thesis white paper
  • What the prospects are for innovation in 2021

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